Our freelance paraplanners are well-versed in presenting your investment recommendations in a detailed, easy to comprehend and aesthetically pleasing Statement of Advice. The Statements of Advice clearly explain your investment recommendations providing insight into how these address your client’s financial objective. We place emphasis on the reasons for portfolio construction, asset allocation, tolerance to risk, investment timeframe, legal and tax implications. Our experience includes formulating Statements of Advice pertaining to the following investment strategies:

● Cash reserves
● Direct shares
● Diversification
● Dollar cost averaging

● Investment bonds
● Managed funds
● Portfolio reviews
● Term deposits
● Using home equity to invest


Our all-inclusive price on Statements of Advice gives you the certainty and absolute peace of mind over your costs.

BASIC – $370

Single Strategy


2-3 Strategies


4 Strategies


Priced on application


$77 per hour


$110 per hour


1. Review existing client information within XPLAN and cross reference the Client Data Form, Filenotes and Risk Profile prior to commencing Statement of Advice. Any enquiries or discrepancies are discussed with the nominated Financial Planning Practice lead contact.

2. Statement of Advice – Both initial draft and final document in Microsoft Word format.

3. Dependent on your XPLAN capabilities, we can generate financial modelling utilising XTOOLS+. All financial modelling includes the client’s existing and recommended scenario. Modelling includes your choice of:

● Cash, Assets and Liabilities Modelling (CALM)
● Cashflow
● Taxation
● Income Support
● Assets
● Liabilities
● Superannuation
● Pension and Income Streams

4. Any XPLAN product research that is generated in the process of SOA compilation is provided to the Financial Planning Practice in PDF format.

5. Any XPLAN financial modelling scenarios included in the SOA are provided in Microsoft Excel format or Portable Network Graphics to the Financial Planning Practice.

6. Any other documentation used in the formulation of the SOA that may assist in compliance or audit purposes will be provided also.